6 Good reasons to advertise on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping


Google Shopping Ads were launched by the Menlo Park company in 2012. Since then, they have revolutionized the online advertising market. They have represented a decisive advantage for both sellers and consumers, inexorably changing the world of online shopping. Today, Shopping Ads account for more than 60% of retailer campaign clicks, making them an indispensable means of selling online.

How to set up a Google Shopping Campaign.

If you’re just getting started with Google Shopping ads, the easiest way to get set up is through your Google Merchant Center. Your Merchant Center is where you can upload your product feed, which will let people see all the products that they can buy from your business and where they can find them online (link to product’s page). You can also use this platform as a central hub for any other data related to your business: customer contacts, shipping information, order histories and more.

When it comes time to create ad campaigns for each type of product or service (like “Sneakers” or “Headphones”), it’s easy to set up those ads using the same platform that was used to collect all other data about your company—the Merchant Center.

1-Google Shopping ads give you the opportunity to showcase products in a beautiful, engaging and interactive way.

You can also use a product video or 360-degree image to showcase your products. These additional rich media formats give you the opportunity to highlight features and benefits, encourage users to interact with the product, and even boost click-through rates.

Each ad group in a shopping campaign can have up to 20,000 product groups. This means that you can show off your entire inventory in a single ad unit.

What is the difference between Google Shopping Ads and Standard Search Ads?

Google Search Ads requires advertisers to add keywords to get their ads found on the web; while Google Shopping campaigns are automatically listed by taking keywords from the product title and meta descriptions. You’ll need the catalog feed to create a shopping campaign. An xml or txt file that you can upload to your Account Merchant Center.

2- Google Shopping Ads are not just part of the regular search results but also on Google Images, YouTube, Gmail and other services.

This means that your ads can be seen by customers when they are browsing through all these different Google sections and apps. This guarantees a greater expansion of your campaigns, which will thus be able to reach a greater number of users on the web.

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3- There’s a strong correlation between being listed on Google Shopping and having good overall product visibility in organic search results.

Over time, G. Shopping Ads can push organic product visibility. By having good traffic and high sales from these campaigns, you will be able to optimize the Google organic ranking of these products’ pages.

Other reasons to start with Google Shopping Ads:

  • Google Shopping ads are a great way to increase sales.
  • Google Shopping ads can be much cheaper than other ads type.
  • Google Shopping ads can be easier to set up than other ads type.

4- Google Shopping can push your ranking higher than your competition in the organic search results.

Google Shopping ads are a great way to drive traffic to your website. They’re also an excellent strategy for increasing sales and brand awareness, as well as customer loyalty. Moreover, there’s a strong correlation between being listed on Google Shopping and ranking higher than your competition in the organic search results. In fact, by advertising your products with this vertical, you’ll be able to get noticed by more people who are looking for what you offer. Over time, high traffic coming from Shopping Ads will push your site’s SEO.

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5- Advertisers have never had the opportunity to showcase their products so beautifully before.

The Google Shopping ads are designed to show off your products in a beautiful, engaging and interactive way. With rich product information and images, advertisers have never had the opportunity to showcase their products so beautifully before.

Shopify’s users can also take advantage of this by linking Google with Shopify. If you’re already using Shopify for your eCommerce website, then it just makes sense to use them on Google Shopping as well!

You Can directly link your Shopify store to your Google Merchant Account by setting up the Google channel within your store.


Go to the Shopify Marketplace, search for Google App, Install the App and walk through the App configuration.

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6- The time is right to start using Google Shopping Ads!

Although you may have heard about Google Shopping Ads and be familiar with their creation; there are still many people who do not know how to set up their ads or why they should advertise using Product Listing Ads. In this case, we recommend hiring an Online Agency like TDH to support your business.


Shopping ads are an indispensable type of ad for anyone who has an e-commerce and wants to sell their products online. The Google Shopping Marketplace has more than 1 billion users searching for products every day, making it one of the best ways to reach potential buyers.

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