Copywriting Vs Storytelling

Copywriting Vs Storytelling

What is one, what is the other, and how to integrate them?

Copywriting Vs Storytelling – When it comes to marketing your product/service, it can be difficult to use the right words.

Especially when we’re just starting and we have to define the brand identity of our project to sell it to a possible audience, paying attention to the copy we use is essential.

In this regard, in general, two writing techniques come in handy.

While they can complement each other well in an effective marketing strategy, they are distinguished by different characteristics.

Copywriting is the writing technique aimed at persuading the reader, while Storytelling is the art that aims to engage the user’s attention.

What is Copywriting, and why use it?  

As mentioned above Copywriting is essentially the writing skill for selling. 

This skill is critical for everyone that wants to sell their products. 

Copywriting is used in product pages, in Social Media, in a product pitch and more.  

The objective of the Copywriter is to persuade the reader, his words aim to make the reader grow a need that the product/service he writes about can fill.

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6 Copywriting principles that influence the reader.

  • Familiarity.

Present your product as a friend of the user, something close to them, who understands them and knows their needs.

  • Advantages.

Underline the advantages that the user will have thanks to the use of the product.

  • Anchoring principle.

The anchoring effect states that when we are exposed to an initial number or price it influences our perception of the product’s value.

  • Loss aversion.

It can also be translated as FOMO is the fear of missing out. So when we indicate a few remaining stocks of our product, we put mental pressure on the user to buy.

  • Authority.

The principle of authority underlines the fact that we are socially attracted to those who inspire trust and authority in their sector. So we will be encouraged to use a service of those who, for example, have more positive reviews.

  • Association.

The human brain works by associations, so we tend to judge things according to what they are associated with.


How to make your Copy effective?

Always try to use some of the above principles and in addition, take the following suggestions:

  • Be simple.
  • Be short and concise. 
  • Use bullet points.
  • Divide the text into paragraphs.
  • Use headlines.
  • Use catchy phrases.

What is Storytelling, and why use it?  

Storytelling is a tool that can be used within your copy to create an emotional connection with the reader. Human beings love stories, the story makes the reader identify with it and creates a personal connection with the product. Storytelling is a widely used tool in advertising because it involves the user and leads him to connect with the product, resulting in a long-term purchase.

6 principles of copywriting

In Conclusion:

In summary, copywriting and storytelling are fundamental techniques to sell and describe our brand to the public. They are not the same, but both must be integrated within the marketing strategy in order to achieve its success.

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