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Build your store with wordpress

Download the TDH Kick-Off Whitepaper for free and start learning the fundamental steps to follow with WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) software used to easily manage content on the web.

Within the web, you can find sites built on different CMS. Plesk, Wix, Squarespace and more…
Between these, WordPress is the most used CMS in the world. Nowadays, nearly 64 million websites are built on WordPress. Of these, 5+ million use the WooCommerce plugin to integrate their store. WordPress is adopted by nearly 41% of websites using CMS technologies.

We decided to rely on WordPress, and we believe you should too, for several reasons:

Being the most used platform on the web means you will easily find people working with it.
It is an open-source platform, so infinite customizations are available.

You don’t have monthly costs apart from hosting and website management from your agency partner.

Compared to other CMS these are the main advantage:
– It is easy to use. With WordPress you can easily manage and share your content.
– It is scalable. You can start from a basic site and add different functions to it.
– It has the biggest community on the web.
– It is really SEO friendly. Search Engines love good WordPress sites.
– It is fully integrable. Through Plugins, you can add any type of functionality to the site.
– It is open-source: No additional costs apart from hosting and website management/development from your web agency.

What you will find in the whitepaper?

In this whitepaper, we will provide you with guidance on how we operate when we need to create a WordPress website for our clients. We will cover all the basic steps we take when we want to create a new site, be it a company website, blog or personal website. Take note that this is a general and free guide; we will not consider particular configurations coded ad hoc in specific cases.
This document can also be useful for more experienced
web designers and marketers who would like to get some tips and best practice tricks.
I sincerely hope you will find it helpful and benefit from it.

Access to the whitepaper 👉 HERE

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