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TikTok is currently the most used platform in the world. That’s why we created the TikTok Power Plan to take advantage of all its potential. Why TikTok?

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Our team is an official TikTok partner and has all the platform knowledge needed to enable you to be successful.

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Our special services

As one of the fastest growing platform, TikTok gives a great possibility to generate visibility and new sales for your business. We offer multiple benefits to start with:

First Free Audit

A preliminary audit to get a sense of the client's current advertising performance on Social Media.

video content

Content Creation

We generate ad content in the form of statics, videos, playables, and any other format.


We report on all the campaigns' performance weekly or two times for month.

Dedicated Assistance

We will provide to every client a dedicated TikTok support team to assist with their account.

Marketing Strategy

We work with the client on a plan for the promotion of their products/services. This includes picking the right channels, 

Advertising Management

We launch the campaigns on the selected channels, we optimize them daily, we test variants of all the creatives, etc.

Pricing of the TikTok Power Plan.

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Chirly Winston


TDH and their team helped us grow our TikTok account from the ground up. We weren't very sure it was the platform for us, but when we saw the visibility it brought to our site, we were convinced.

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