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Get A custom-made site that meets your needs!

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Why do you need a custom website?

Unique Design

A custom site gives your business a unique identity that will express the characteristics of the brand.

Full Control

A custom website gives you full control over it. Meaning can change any element of it.

Planning Time

It allows you to add features and / or optimize website-structures you didn't think of at first.

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What is the difference between an e-commerce based platform and a custom-website?

While an e-commerce based platform can help you save resources by providing easy-to-use, free yet professional themes, custom websites allow for diversity in design and functionality. A customized website is ideal for large companies that want to achieve greater personalization.

Custom Website
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Multiple Device Optimization

Our custom websites are fully responsive. 70% custom-made. The backend is built on Magento with a PWA frontend which ensures maximum speed and compatibility with mobile devices.

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Web Support

At all plan levels, we provide ongoing web support to our customers so that they can manage their catalog and online promotions.

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Our loving customers


Great platform! We decided to switch from Shopify due to the many feature limitations. And we are happy with the choice!
George Sisler
Digital Entrepreneur
At first, you have to learn a few things about the backend, I have to admit, but then it all becomes quite simple.
Mila Spark
Ecommerce Manager
We have been using the TDH e-commerce solution for 6 months and so far we have achieved excellent results.
Mike Lauren

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