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thedigitalhacks influence

The 7 principles of Cialdini’s science of persuasion applied to Marketing!

How to influence other people’s actions to your advantage. Robert B. Cialdini after passing all his life, like many of us, agreeing to other people demands, started questioning himself about what were the determinants that make one person say yes to another?! True is that our mind is extremely conditioned by external impulses. And in that …

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tdh purchase decisions

Are our purchase decisions rational?

From a neuromarketing analysis is’s been discovered that only 5% of human thought takes place in the conscious (rational) mind and that the remaining 95% takes place in the subconscious governed by emotional factors. Taking that into consideration we must recognize the critical role of emotions while trying to understand consumer behaviour; whether it is to perceive a feeling of achievement or sensation of security, our actions are always conditioned by our emotional system.

neuromarketing thedigitalhacks

Emotion, Persuasion and Influence – Towards a new marketing mutation!

Following a recent study, it’s been discovered that people are exposed to around 5,000 ads per day. With such a quantity of inputs, it’s foreseeable that our brain cannot remember all the stimuli received; In point of fact, it’s been analyzed that humans remember the 5% of what they see, 2% of what they ear, 15% …

Emotion, Persuasion and Influence – Towards a new marketing mutation! Read More »

neuromarketing thedigitalhacks

Why we buy what we buy?!

The professor Kevin Lane Keller in one of his publications for the American Marketing Associations establishes how the purchase motivation that drives consumers is determined by the intrinsic benefits of buying the product and what it’s defined as the relationship with the profit/loss within the purchase.


The must-have Hacks tools kit!

Today there are truly numerous digital tools available to us to create, manage and organize our work online.
We have therefore decided to provide our personal opinion on some of them; dividing them by areas of interest and function performed.
Hoping to do what pleases the majority, here is our list!


How to use Instagram to increase your website traffic

You might not make enough sales in your business. However, there is a solution for you. You should consider using Instagram to increase your webtraffic. The use of hashtags can help you achieve this goal. This can actually make your content to go viral and thereby make you get more traffic in the long run. We can help you increase your web traffic using Instagram. You can grow your Instagram by using our services today.