Discover 7 unique summer marketing tips for e-commerce! ⛱️

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Summer Marketing – Follow these tips to keep increasing store sales from the beach. 

All of Europe seems to be overwhelmed by an incredible heat wave.
Temperatures are reaching historic highs. But are your sales getting hotter too?

Some of our clients are literally burning their online shops with sales while enjoying holidays under the sun! 🌞

However, not everybody is experiencing high sales in this period of the year. Has reported by market research, retail sales can be affected by the weather anywhere from 23% to 40%.

Create some Hot Summer Sale.

During the summer, many e-commerce sites have been found to experiencing declines in sales.

Here are some tips for continuing to have steady sales throughout the summer and preparing your marketing for the winter boom!

  • Push awareness through Social Media.

You can take advantage of the summer period to give your brand a more personal touch by sharing moments of your holidays and including products from your shop.

ecommerce summer tips
  • Host Summer Meetups.

Summer meetups can be a great occasion to physically showcase your products, meet your client in person and create long-time relationships.

Summer meetups
  • Collaborate with local Influencers.

Influencers in your niche with high engagement rates can significantly help you expose your brand.

7 Summer Marketing tips for e-commerce!
  • Create Summer Deals.

Create expiration offers, bundle offers and discounts for the summer period that dare to entice customers to buy.

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  • Create a summer points contest.

You can create a 3/4 weeks contest. For example, every time that a user buys a product gets 1 point and at the end of the month, the user who won more points gets a free product.

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  • Include a Gift Card option.

Including a Gift Card option can help you increase sales. It is proven that Gift Cards push customer loyalties and user satisfaction. Moreover, summer can be a perfect time to try this.

ecommerce gift card
  • Set up a Popup Shop.

Pop-up shops in the right place can help you show your products to your audience. During the summer, people hang out a lot; try to exhibit your products and your brand by collaborating with fairs, events and beach clubs.

popup up shop

Are you currently applying any of this strategies? Let us know in the comments!


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