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Why look at your competitors online will improve your Social Media presence

Today, many entrepreneurs and managers of local companies, of medium or small size, are reluctant to create a presence on social media for their business; often intimidated by the digital world, they justify this to themselves by saying that they attained their success in a period in which such platforms did not exist and therefore this type of approach is unnecessary given their customer demographic and the market in which they operate.

Additionally, some firms who, despite having created a profile for their company on one of the main social networks, remain sceptical of their ability to generate ROI (Return of Investment), increase turnover, and the volume of the companies’ business.

We would like to begin by emphasizing that Hootsuite’s last estimate has calculated that as of 2018, there were a total of 3.196 billion active users on social media, a 13% increase in 2017’s figure.


One of The Ambassador’s infographics also confirms the above, stating that in 70% of cases where customers had a positive experience with customer service on a social media platform, they were likely to reuse the service in future.


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At this point it is an accepted fact, that for some time there has been an increasingly urgent and growing need, for big brands (who have understood this for a long time) and SMEs alike, to connect and interact with their customers and the general public through the aforementioned digital channels.

What is do you need to venture with your company into this social jungle, if you have no experience, budgets, or considerable creative-communicative skills?

First, there is the choice of the social network most suited to your business; depending on where your target market is, the type of product you wish to promote, the type of content you wish to publish and the communication style you prefer to use, you could choose between one of the following social networks:

  • Twitter: The platform, famous for its tweets (the type of communication between users); manages to remain a relevant channel in social media despite the dominance of “Mark’s apps”. Twitter stands out as a site more suited to B2B Business and to publicly prominent posts, given the limited amount of characters in posts and the ease and speed with which the so-called Tweets can be shared.
  • YouTube: Google’s website remains the undisputed champion for “visual-driven” brands” such as e-commerce for training and tutoring services.
  • LinkedIn: The platform still remains an indispensable one for the meeting of brand service providers, recruiters, and professionals launching into the world of work.
  • Facebook: Let’s get to what was the social reference for us all during the 2000s; The Zuckerberg platform, despite discussions in recent times, remains the users’ favourite to connect with companies and follow their activities.
  • Instagram: Undoubtedly the biggest emergence of the last few years and mostly populated by a younger audience, Instagram is characterized by its remarkable rate of interaction and connections between users and the high quality of visual content which allowed it to become the kingdom dominated by influencers that it is today.

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Neil Patel, Guru of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing, reflects on the excellent practice, for businesses entering the digital world, of searching through Google and other search engines for the main actors in their market share. Once the 10 websites defined by Google as the highest authorities in their niche have been identified, then it will be possible to study their approach to and presence on Social Media.

At this point, you will need an analytical mentality to try to spot those things in their primary activities, such as:

– Publication frequency

– Type of content

– Type of audience

– Type of communication

Fanpage Karma may prove to be a valuable tool for these purposes, I would recommend you taking a look.

Another common practice in the world of social media for new businesses is known as “Cross Promotion”. Simply put, this is an agreement between two actors in the same niche and with similar KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to promote each other.

An additional factor that is often underappreciated is “post-timing”. That is to say, choosing the exact moment at which one publishes their contents on social media. It is important to note, however, that there is no common timetable for each platform, so it is necessary to evaluate that specifically for each channel.

There are tools that can provide you with reliable indicators in this regard depending on the type of business you operate and where your target audience is located.

Identify real and intelligent goals for your social media, measure the goals set through an analytical platform since your account’s performance must be periodically observed and analyzed in order to summarize its positive and negative attributes.

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Conclusion Having a digital presence today is an indispensable factor for any type of business, regardless of its size and the market in which it operates.

The approach to social media that a business requires will have different objectives and needs to that of another. Consequently, it must be analysed with a first-class strategy tailored to you.

The observation of leading brands in your own niche is essential to any social media strategy.

In general, Social Media can offer incredible added value for your business and in order to achieve consistent results, its management must be operated with great attention to detail.

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