Engage your followers with the right Social Media marketing Strategy.

"Your impact is measured not by what you do, but by what happens to other people when you do it." – John Jantsch

Who is it for?

The Social Media Marketing Management service is for all those businesses that recognize the primary value of Social Media in the online communication of their company but do not have time to deal with it.

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Brillant Brand Design

Our designers can create perfect canvases for your brand.
The design of your posts must reflect the style of the brand and be highly recognizable.

Captivating copywriting!

Our copywriters can communicate the spirit and values of your brand with the best words.
A post can make you motivated, influenced, inspired, excited…depending on the communicative approach of your writing!

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Inspire, Explain, Engage!

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Our content strategy is based on these principles. Your brand needs to:

👉 Inspire to be attractive.

👉 Explain to communicate authority.

👉 Engage to be in touch with its community.

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Brand Definition

  • First of all, we have the customer fill out a questionnaire about their brand.
  • In this way the market niche, competitors and communication tone are defined.

Content Strategy

  • Based on the indications provided we define a content strategy.
  • We follow up with the creation and scheduling of weekly content.
  • The customer then can download an App and check the posts on a weekly basis.
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