What is Marketing Automation and how does it help your business grow?!

Marketing Automation

Here are 4 reasons to start automating your e-commerce strategy!

These are the reasons why you should automate your digital strategy through Marketing Automation:

  1. Save Time.
  2. Increase Engagement.
  3. Boost Customer Satisfaction.
  4. Improve Suppliers Interaction.

According to a report, Global retail e-commerce sales hit $4.9 trillion in 2021 and are estimated to increase by 50% in the next four years. So, marketers and business owners need to know how to take advantage of e-commerce marketing automation to give their online shoppers a personalized digital experience and increase sales and brand loyalty.

Traditional marketing is a costly affair and time-consuming but with the rise of new automated e-commerce technology, most of the labor-intensive processes are handed over to technology systems and tools to execute the tasks automatically.

The e-commerce marketing automation can leverage product and customer data to create personalized campaigns for online shoppers, enhancing their experience and driving businesses’ top line.

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What Is Marketing Automation in E-Commerce?

E-commerce marketing automation allows marketers or business owners to replace manual marketing tasks with the marketing automation tool or software that monitors and manages repetitive workflows.

In simple terms, it is a task happening automatically using online systems or software without the intervention of humans – you set it up and watch it run.

These workflows might spam multiple channels such as web, mobile, and email, and also include tasks such as email nurturing, lead management, personalizing content, remarketing ads, and retargeting messages.

With the help of marketing automation tools, marketers, employees and business owners can make specific data-driven decisions about nearly every aspect of their communications. And they also offer unique experiences to the customers based on their preferences and habits.

How does Marketing Automation help your business grow?

As many people depend on online from small hairclips to the most significant machinery such as refrigerators, e-commerce is an advantage over brick-and-mortar stores. Forbes reports that consumers have increased their expectations for more convenient and faster deliveries. Let us see more in detail the benefits of E-commerce automation and how it helps businesses grow.


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1. E-Commerce Automation Saves Your Time

Automating repetitive tasks can free up your time with e-commerce automation. When it comes to online purchasing, it helps with getting orders quickly with customer retention.

The automation tool allows you to automate new product releases, schedule sales promotions, send customer emails, apply discounts, track purchases, segment your customer profile data, provide rewards, automate supplier interaction, generate invoices, and much more.

Apart from this, E-commerce automation can do more, such as saving you from having to go back and correct the errors.


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2. E-Commerce Automation Increases Worker Engagement

Automating procedures brings new zest and vibrancy to your team. It makes everyday tasks better and faster at a more satisfying level. This frees up your time and helps you engage with your employees to make better decisions in meaningful ways.

With repetitive tasks left in the care of automation tools, your team can prioritize more important tasks that need proactive involvement. These include research and the development of a new product line, establishing a personal connection with your suppliers and customers, creating valuable content, implementing new market strategies, and many more.

These efforts will leverage the company’s growth potential, which can never be replaced without automation.


3. E-commerce Automation Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are repeat customers. When you have customer satisfaction you have success and your customer satisfaction comes from brand loyalty, exceptional customer care, and connections.

While customer care is easy to handle in the early days of the business as there are only a few customers, things become complicated as you scale your business and reach a greater audience.

And they need your attention, in different countries, different platforms, and in time zones. You cannot be everywhere else all the time. But your e-commerce software can!

With the help of automation, you can track your customer’s journey, and also track how they are engaging with your brand, which in turn allows you to personalize and facilitate their shopping experience.

In addition, you can send targeted messages to new and existing customers and VIP clients, thus strengthening the connection to your brand.

4. E-commerce Automation Improves Supplier Interaction

Working efficiently with your suppliers helps with easier delivery. Having effortless communication with your suppliers is essential if you want to establish a long-term profitable relationship with your customers. And thanks to automation tools like Rule Builder and Flow Builder with these buddies helping, much of the communication can be automated.

With the help of these tools, you can set up supplier tags and send regular updates. You can also send automated messages to your suppliers when the stock goes below a certain number. And if you offer customizable products, automation tools allow you to alert your suppliers accordingly.


E-commerce automation can help your business in many other ways than you think. Implement it into your business and see what more you can do. Automation tools such as Hotjar, ManyChat, Sendpulse, Hunter, Leadinfo and Seamless come with a lot of features that can satisfy your business needs to automate lead generation and marketing processes. For assistance with digital marketing solutions, online advertising, and web design, visit The Digital Hacks today.

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