10 Advanced Holiday Sales e-commerce Strategies!

A simple Guide to your new online shop!
The secrets on how to increase sales during the holiday season.

If you have an e-commerce is no secret that whatever you sell, probably the most profitable time of the year will be during the holiday season. In this period, people tend to spend a lot more and to obey purchases that have been postponed during the year. So, being a Webshop Manager, how can we take advantage of this consumer buying trend to dramatically increase your online sales?

So in this article let’s see our holiday sales e-commerce strategies!

1- Prepare your stocks.

Too often we are not ready for the increase in traffic during this period. As mentioned, buying during this season is a common trend, so it is very important to be aware of it and prepare in advance. How? By checking your catalogue and verifying the actual availability of stocks. So in case, you can order products from your suppliers in time.

2- Do a website checkup.

As mentioned, web traffic in this period increases significantly, so having a healthy site is crucial. Check that the integrations with third-party software are working correctly. Check that the site loads quickly and that there are no pages giving search errors or broken links.

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3- Update your design for the holidays.

Having a design updated for the current season gives a strong visual impact and attracts the user. So consider changing the home banners with images and graphics that recall the holidays. Add notifications and messages associated with the holiday period, in short, decorate your e-commerce as your Christmas tree. 😃

Advanced Holiday Sales e-commerce Strategies

4- Create specific holidays’ offers and discounts.

At Christmas, we are all kinder. So your e-commerce must also offer better prices. Create a discount coupon, 2×1 promotions or special discounts for the holiday period. Offer free products on the purchase of a specific category of items. Create product packages designed especially for this special time of year. Your customers will appreciate it.

5- Decorate your communication and marketing for the holidays.

Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Advertising and 1 to 1 communication with customers in this period must have a particular tone associated with the holiday season. Try to meet the users’ needs, send them a wish, thanking them for being your trusted customers. They will be thrilled and will notice the courtesy detail.

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6- Personalize your customer’s experience. 

Use the dynamic products recommended on the home page. Send transactional emails with personalized content based on the user activity on your website. Automate abandoned cart email or push notifications on search browsers.

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7- Customize a fast checkout option.

Online users like two things in particular: simplicity and speed. If a user is a habit of your website, his data will already be registered in your backend. So do not make him enter the same information 1000 times, give him a direct checkout option, after having obtained his consent to the storage of personal data.

increase sales during the holiday season

8- Surprise with the delivery.

Delivery by Christmas day. Same-day delivery for domestic orders. Delivery with the gift package option. Free delivery for trusted customers. These are all options that can be offered to your users.

9- Increase your investment in advertising.

During the holiday season, everyone is promoting their products online, which is why the CPC (Cost per Click) starts to rise. It’s crucial to increase your budget and split it well between the different channels and Ads formats.

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10- Optimize customer support.

Prepare your team for the arrival of more users and therefore probably more questions and interactions via email, Messenger, WhatsApp and web BOT. Establish a Q&A section in advance where you will answer the most common questions from users during this special time of the year. Create email templates ready to be sent in case of general questions and requests for information. Set up a service bot on your website for first user interaction.

What we have mentioned are just a few things you can work on to get your e-commerce ready for the holiday season. Others may apply depending on the product/service you are selling, but we assure you that if you take care of these ten points, your sales will increase.

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Happy Holidays’ Sales from TDH! 🎄

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